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Timeline: Rodin and the World

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The World

 » 1840 – 1850
Auguste Rodin born November 12, 1840 in Paris to Jean-Baptiste Rodin and Marie Cheffer Claude Monet born 1840; death of Honoré de Balzac 1850
Has first drawing lesson at age ten Revolution sweeps through Europe; TheCommunist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published in 1848
 » 1851 – 1860
Rodin begins studies at Petite École. Fails entrance exam for École des Beaux-Arts three times Deaths of Louis Daguerre and J.M.W. Turner 1851
Works commercially in decorative arts, plaster and stone carving Louis Napoleon declares himself emperor 1852; Second Empire is established
Franz Liszt composes Hungarian Rhapsodies; Charles Darwin writes On the Origin of Species
 » 1861 – 1870
Rodin’s beloved sister dies; in mourning, he briefly joins a Catholic order United States Civil War 1861-1865
Meets Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux; works with Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse Victor Hugo writes Les Misérables; Dostoyevsky writes Crime and Punishment
Meets Rose Beuret, who is to become his lifelong companion and bear his son, Auguste-Eugène Deaths of Henry Thoreau, Charles Dickens, and Alexandre Dumas
Creates Man with the Broken Nose and suffers the first of many rejections by the Paris Salon Karl Marx’s Das Kapital published 1867; Suez Canal opens 1869
Napoleon III holds “Salon de Refusés” to exhibit works rejected by Salon des Beaux Arts
 » 1871 – 1880
After one year, in 1871 Rodin is discharged from National Guard for nearsightedness Franco-Prussian War 1870-1872; German Empire proclaimed by Otto von Bismarck 1871
In aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War, works in Belgium with Carrier-Belleuse; returns to Paris 1877 The word “impressionism” is coined; Whistler paints his mother
Travels in Italy, sees  Michelangelo’s work in Florence Jules Verne publishes Around the World in Eighty Days; Tolstoy writes Anna Karenina
Creates Saint John the Baptist Preaching 1878 and The Call to Arms 1879 Sioux defeat Custer at Little Bighorn 1876
Commission for The Gates of Hell 1880 Joseph Stalin born 1879
 » 1881 – 1890
Rodin meets Camille Claudel 1883 Freedom of the press established in France; trade unions legalized
Commission for The Burghers of Calais 1884; definitive model shown in joint exhibition with Monet at Galerie Georges Petite in Paris 1889 Pablo Picasso, Coco Chanel, and Adolf Hitler born
Shows plaster of The Kiss 1886; French government purchases marble version 1888 Deaths of Victor Hugo, Vincent van Gogh, and Karl Marx
Commission for Monument to Victor Hugo 1889 Statue of Liberty erected; Eiffel Tower built
Rapid expansion of railways in Western United States
 » 1891 – 1900
Receives commission for Balzac monument 1891 Sigmund Freud publishes The Interpretation of Dreams
Elected president of sculpture section of Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts Paul Gauguin settles in Tahiti; Aubrey Beardsley spreads art nouveau style; symbolist movement is active
Ends relationship with Camille Claudel Tate Gallery opens in London
Rodin’s marble sculpture is in great demand; he creates marble Hand of God 1898 Nobel Prize created; Paris Subway opens
Rodin Retrospective, Paris World Exposition, 1900 Alfred Dreyfus arrested for treason 1894; pardoned 1899
 » 1901 – 1910
Visited by Edward Steichen and King Edward VII Picasso has first exhibition in Paris; paints Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
The Thinker installed in Panthéon in Paris Deaths of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, J. A. McNeil Whistler, and Paul Cézanne
Experiments with enlargements of partial figures such as The Cathedral 1908 and The Hand from the Tomb 1910 Futurist movement active
1905 French law establishes separation of Church and State
 » 1911 – 1920
Rodin travels despite wartime difficulties; his sculpture is shown throughout Europe World War I begins 1914; Bolshevik Revolution 1917
Bequeaths his estate to France 1916 Marcel Duchamp paints Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, 1912
Marries Rose Beuret January 29, 1917; she dies three weeks later Wassily Kandinsky creates first nonobjective paintings
Rodin dies November 17, 1917 and is laid to rest at Meudon Albert Einstein formulates general theory of relativity
Cubist works exhibited at Salon des Indépendants